Gronkowski’s Retirement Leaves Students Flustered

WSU student reactions to Gronk's big decision

By Adam Pasquale Jr.

As many are now aware, future Hall of Fame tight end and New England sports icon Rob Gronkowski has decided to retire from the NFL. The decision from Gronk has been brewing since the Super Bowl victory, leaving fans and players waiting to learn of his destiny. Gronk has flirted with retirement on a few separate occasions in the past, but it is now official.

Gronk had a lasting effect on people not only for his dominance on the field but for his goofy acts and fun-loving spirit off of it. He brought loads of joy and laughs to fans all over the world.

Amanda Cassels, a sophomore studying communication at Worcester State, gave an insight on her instant reaction when she first heard about the news.     

“I heard about it late at night after everyone was freaking out about it. I was honestly not surprised,” she says. “It was a long time coming, he is a very fragile man who always has broken bones and torn ACLs.”

Sophomore Colin Shea, who is studying journalism at Worcester State, thinks the Patriots will be just fine without the big man.

“It hurts to see a guy go like that, you know? He was such a great spirit to have around the city and he brought us a lot of championships. I hope to see him in the WWE one day,” stated Shea. “Obviously whenever you lose a guy like Gronk it’s going to be a big dent in your team. But, at the same time you have to think we have Tom Brady, we’ve got Bill Belichick, we are going to be alright. We are smarter than the other teams.”

Rob Gronkowski was one of the best players at his position that the NFL has ever seen. He revolutionized the tight end position and is the staple of how younger tight ends should want to play: hard, physical, and relaxed.

For Scott Kilcoyne, a sophomore majoring in business, losing Gronk hurts badly.

“Gronk was my favorite player. He showed so much passion for the game and always had fun while doing so. He has been a major part of the last three Super Bowl victories and he will be impossible to replace.”

Even if you aren’t a football fan, losing Gronkowski stings every New Englander. Hopefully, for the fans of his humorous acts, we will see him on the big screen sometime soon.

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