Lightheartedness mixes with modern suburban tensions in these three poems by VanAntwerp

art by Luke Cai

By Alex VanAntwerp


A flock of birds scatter
Each one floating on the sirocco
Periwinkle warmth colors the sky
Rising, lolling air tussles my hair
Steady tide of cars stream
Lone lights dot the night
A flock of birds flitter
A flock of birds scatter
A single bird rests


You doppelganger imprint
Easily added, easily erased
Contextual flavor of the moment,
Have saved me from myself
Looking on whilst I study
Yelling while I run
Dancing in tandem with life’s tango
If only
The spotty WiFi
Would let me Spotify.


I heard a wall of terror inches from my face
As thunder stems from lightning
Noise that reforms, cymbal crash music
It frightened me, so I ran
I could hear it in the distance, chasing
A quiet fear crawling over the hills
In the background of paintings
In the horn of a lacrosse game
It grew louder as I saw others heard it.
I now hear the scream in my mind.


Alex VanAntwerp is a freshman at Worcester State interested in NaNoWriMo and worldbuilding. VanAntwerp can be contacted at avanantwerp@worcester.edu

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