Fans Like No Other

By David Oliver

Standing outside in the windy, snowy, rainy streets of Boston for hours might sound like a nightmare, but when you’re waiting to celebrate a Super Bowl victory for the New England Patriots, it is totally worth losing feeling in your body.

About 1 million fans, including teenagers, families, young adults, and older adults (even a man dressed as Jesus carrying a big cross) ventured to see the Super Bowl champions parade in the streets of Boston. The parade started at 11 a.m. and went from Hynes Convention Center down Boylston Street to Tremont Street to end at City Hall Plaza.

Pat McAdam, a 21-year-old Business Major at Umass Amherst came all the way from school to see Tom Brady.

“He is the greatest quarterback of all time and my favorite player,” McAdam said.

The fans were yelling Brady’s name before the parade even started. Some were also yelling vulgar language towards Commissioner Roger Goodell, who wasn’t even there, because of their anger over “Deflategate,” a year-long investigation of the Patriots’ previous Super Bowl win that that started July 8, 2015 and lasted until July 15, 2016.

Some people say it really ended with the Pats’ victory in Super Bowl 51.

The crowd were the loudest when they saw Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick.

Chris Libby, 20, was with his friend Brandon Bourette, 19, and were both hyped to see the players up close. Bourette was most excited to see Tom Brady.

“The man is the Goat [Greatest Of All Time], and is my favorite player,” Bourette said.

Libby said he watched the game with his mom and friends, which included Bourette. He did not think that they were going to lose and even posted it on his Snapchat. He also thinks this championship team was “hard working.”

The fans came out in frigid weather to see the team for a total of 30 minutes. Not many people outside of New England like this team, but it isn’t about the other people, it is about the fans of the five-time Super Bowl champions since 2001. The fans appreciate the effort that the team put forth to win this game and wanted to come and thank them for it while also being able to see their favorite players in return.

The team delivered for the fans throughout the season, and the fans delivered for the team on this day. The Drive for Five is complete.

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