Faculty Member of the Week

Faculty Member of the Week

By: Bret Laurie

Photo Courtesy of Bret Laurie
Photo Courtesy of Bret Laurie




















Name: Kelsey Riordan


Position: Food Service Worker in the Woo Café for Chartwells


New Worcester Spy: What is your favorite/most rewarding part about your position?


Kelsey Riordan: Working with the students and staff. I love working with people, and making people smile. And coffee makes people smile!


NWS: What is your daily routine at work?


KR: I get here between 6:30 and 7:30, and prep the coffee. I normally start over at the Food Court in the Student Center and help out over there in the morning. Once I make my way over here (to the Woo Café), I prep the bagels and the muffins. The bagels come from a local bakery, and they’re delivered here every morning.


NWS: How long have you been here?


KR: I will be here five years in September.


NWS: Where are you from originally?


KR: From Worcester, born and raised.


NWS: How did you get this job?


KR: I applied, like, right after high school. I needed a job, so I applied. I got called in for an interview, and I guess they liked me [laughs]. It was really easy! I was interviewed by my boss.


NWS: What is something nobody would guess that you do outside of work?


KR: Oh boy, um…I knit. I love movies, just like every twenty-something girl or boy out there, I totally binge-watch Netflix. I’m a hardcore Pinterest person, very into Pinterest.


NWS: What is something you do that no one would guess that you do in your position?


KR:  I do my own inventory and all my own ordering. I know the inventory for every single store here on campus – the Food Court, the cafeteria, the School Store, the Starbucks in the LRC, the Java Junction in Wasylean Hall, here (the Woo Café), a little bit of catering, so I’ve done pretty much every single position, except for [being a] manager.


NWS: Do your position assignments ever change?


KR:  For me, because of knowing all the stores, it kind of changes for me every day, so pretty much I do a different thing each day. It’s great to have a little break-up in your day – it keeps things interesting.


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