“EXIT,” A Poem

By Tyanna McCaulsky

Subtle Folklores
Fictional Stories from the Drug War
Devious lies, Ignorant Mentors
Why is he here
Who are you speaking for?
Cheap education
Is this it for the poor?
The pandemonium, I can’t ignore
Our Politicians and their obnoxious uproar
Media erasing fundamental morals
I wish I could restore

Distorted Images, False paintings
All White lies which make me sore
Imprisonment, Slavery and Hardship 
Knocked on their doors
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom
The people cried from their core

A culture erased
True Knowledge displaced
New ideologies took its place
What is my purpose? What is my space?
What is my identity in the human race?
For centuries, our treasures…a hidden face
We sat under their teachings
Hence, we learned their ways
How long should we continue with this disgrace?

Take me back to my birthplace
So I can learn at my own pace
The knowledge the “white lies” misplaced
Forgive me, this new me 
I wish not to embrace
I want to unlearn all these muting things *
I want to be what I use to be
Without any strings

*  “Once Upon a Time,” Gabriel Okara, line 36.

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