Every Bacon Eater’s Dream

By Fay Bcharah

Worcester is known for its many restaurants, from diners to high-end chophouses, pizza joints, coffee shops, and more. When it comes to Worcester’s bars, however, it’s safe to say there aren’t many that serve great drinks in combination with quality food. Twenty-nine-year-old entrepreneurs Jay Grey and Chris Slavinskas set out to change that. They opened the Hangover Pub in Worcester on Green Street, serving delicious drinks with a whole menu based on bacon. Yes, I said bacon.

The Hangover Pub, on Green St. in Worcester.

Now how does one center a whole menu on bacon? With the help of head chef Michael Arrastia and head bartender Matthew Comeau, building this incredible menu was possible.

“There was full creative freedom for whatever they wanted to do,” Grey states.

He explains that Arrastia and Comeau have built the menu “from the ground up,” without the owners limiting their room for originality.

The dish seeming to be most popular is the chicken and waffles.

The Hangover Pub's most popular dish, chicken and waffles.
The Hangover Pub’s most popular dish, chicken and waffles.

“The dish is actually called sous vide chicken and waffles,” says Grey. “The sous vide is basically a machine that cooks the chicken for three hours at a low temperature.” The chicken is then battered and deep-fried for six minutes. He describes the chicken as “crispy-golden brown on the outside, nice tender and juicy on the inside.” For the waffles, Grey states, “the batter is made from scratch and has caramelized onions in it. It’s all topped with a maple bourbon sauce with chunks of housemade bacon that rain down on top of all of it… There is no detail overlooked.” The whole entrée goes for only eleven dollars, an unbeatable price for such a superb, delectable meal.

Grey and the owner, Christopher Slavinskas, crafted their restaurant with intention of appealing to a widespread audience. They will be playing a variety of music, from 90s hip-hop to James Brown.

The Hangover is not only a great place to get amazing drinks and meals for low costs, but it is also the perfect atmosphere for socializing with friends and new people. Bring your friends to the Hangover Pub and enjoy a scrumptious bacon banquet!

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