Chess Club Members Participate in Clark University Invitational Chess Tournament

By Gary Orcutt and Bill Shakalis

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The Chess Club at Worcester State University was invited to compete at the April 19, 2015 Clark University collegiate chess tournament. Representing WSU were players Gary Orcutt and Bill Shakalis.

The tournament attracted 17 players from Clark University, Worcester State University, and the greater Worcester community, including Worcester Telegram & Gazette chess columnist and New England Chess organizer Stephan Dann.

The tournament was a 5-round Swiss style, 20 minutes per game/player, unrated.
Held at the Lurie Conference room of the University Center, play began at 11 am and ran past 3 pm. The results were:

Final score – Clark University, Worcester G/20 unrated Tournament

Maik Sohn 4
Paul Herron 4
Josh Burger 4
Bill Shakalis 3 (WSU)
William Staso 3
Larry Legros 3
John Kaplan 3
Utsav Shrestha 3
Angel Gonzalez 3
Michael Gaiewski 2.5
Luke Schoppert 2
Danny Neuman 2
Steven Dan 2
Gary Orcutt 1.5 (WSU)
Tom Whistler 1
Matthew Clauss 0.5
Owen Connell 0.5
This was the third collegiate tournament entered by Gary Orcutt this semester, who scored 2-2 previously at both the Assumption College Intercollegiate and Quinsigamond CC Intercollegiate chess tournaments. Orcutt is the new chess enthusiast for WSU, and has shown a passion for chess and great experience. This is Shakalis’ first tournament for WSU and his first in many years. Shakalis, USCF rated at 1706, is a Librarian at WSU and serves as adviser for the WSU Chess Club.

The WSU Chess Club will be organizing chess events in the coming semesters – including chess education for beginners.

To join or inquire further information, contact the WSU Chess Club at: tel: 508 929-8676.

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