Chalk It Up! (Photos)

Brenda Thomas and Josh Catalano team up to share some photos of Worcester State's Chalk It Up Event for Homecoming 2019!

By Brenda Thomas

Chalk It Up is an annual event started by alumna Kathryn Salemme, a former presidential student ambassador who sat on the School Spirit Committee. Chalk It Up lets students express their love for Worcester State University. Every year on the eve of homecoming, presidential student ambassadors invite students to write down their favorite things about the school. For Homecoming 2019, things were no different. Many students proudly participated in the event to show off their school spirit. The pavement on the west side of the Wellness Center was covered in blue, white and yellow chalk names, words, and drawings as you can see in the following photos! Students seemed grateful for the opportunity to show their pride for Worcester State University. Chalk It Up is just one of many outlets they have to do so.

Photo credits: Josh Catalano (first three plus cover photo) and Brenda Thomas (last two)

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