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How Do We Learn?

By Logan Hampsey Not even a year has passed since “it” came.  What seemed like comedy, turned into reality.  My fellow students and teachers, how will education continue?  We wake up to a new routine […]

Creative Writing

Worst Love Poem Entries

While these poems did not win, they are still creatively awful and hilarious! Promposal By Eric Miller Dear Margaret, Roses are red,Violets are blue,These poems are cliché,Oh God it’s true. Violets are blue, These poems […]

Creative Writing


By Emmanuel G. Freeman The shrieking sounds of breaks from old rugged cars.The sound of bullets from afar.The air reeking the smell of unwashed and sweaty bodies.The obnoxious screams of hungry babies and toddlers.The cries […]

Creative Writing


By Tyanna McCaulsky I want to know what is Identity Because, it is not defined by our paternity Consumed by the minds of our society Not understanding the ideal way of your priority Culture tells […]

Creative Writing


By Eric Miller He presses the dial, The clock counts down, The turn is mine. My loyal pawns scattered about, The royal family protected In a strong, sturdy line.      Tick tock. I scan […]