Backlog Battle: Week 2

Jacob Nash Week Two–Rhythm and Action Melody of Memory, Rhythm Thief, and Harmoknight The rhythm game genre is a relatively recent genre of video games compared to genres like roleplaying, racing, and sports. A subgenre […]


Catch and Release

By Jennifer Johnson Welcome to Room, where Lamp, Plant, Chair #1, and more reside. You can’t get out, but one man can get in, and when he does, we sleep in Wardrobe and stay really […]


Life on Mars

By Michaela Buckley Pack your bags folks, and get ready for one crazy space ride: The Martian is an action-packed adventure from the very start. The film begins when the main character, Mark Watney (Matt […]


Humans, Not Heroes

By Erin Bassler Bundle up and keep your pistol close, because in Quentin Tarantino’s latest production The Hateful Eight, everybody’s got a score to settle. This epic-length, Western mystery released to the public on December […]