Creative Writing

My Bad

By Tom Clark 226…227…228.  The man in a crumpled herringbone suit hesitated in the middle of a pasture. He searched his pocket and withdrew a brass instrument.  Balancing it carefully in his right hand it […]



By Amiya Phillips I’m jealous,  Jealous of how you’re not haunted. People only think about being haunted when it’s the time of Halloween.  But I’m constantly reminded,  My past secrets haunt me.  The ones that […]

Creative Writing

Sonnet of Stars

By Abbey Howard Oh, the stark, chilling beauty of the nights! Rapt with wonder, gazing up at space, This darkened expanse suddenly ignites The notion that I’ll leave too small a trace. Above, the winking […]

Creative Writing

To Follow a Wolf Part 2

By Abbey Howard “Philadelphia?” I looked around wildly, spotting Jasper jogging towards me from the hotel. “What happened?” he lowered himself onto the step beside me. “I found one of Tom’s friends. Their group was […]

Creative Writing

To Follow a Wolf

By Abbey Howard Yukon Territory, Canada, 1907 A brisk spring breeze rustled the tall pines around us, carrying the bracing scent of earth with it. A few yards ahead of me on the trail was […]

Creative Writing

“Insane”, A Poem

By Saelly Soriano All I see are wallsFour of themWindows to the outside worldI cannot step foot in I see hardwood floorsInstead of grass or concrete I try to envision a skyThe faucet leaking, that’s […]

Creative Writing

“Changeless Orion,” A Poem

By Robert Racicot I walk empty, quiet streets,  each house aglow in blue, airwaves bursting with isolation. Moon rises early,  growing super pink,  soon the wild creeping phlox will wake. What we call tomorrow  will […]