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Student organizations at this year's Club Kickoff.

By Michael Dery, LVTV President

Many students do not realize until junior or senior year that active participation in extracurricular activities, events, and clubs offered on college campuses are highly beneficial to future careers. Even if a student doesn’t know exactly what they want to do after graduation, there are skills to be gained from actively participating in these functions! As frustration began getting the better of me, I began to brainstorm ways in which I could help my friends and fellow classmates help themselves, and in turn help me; after all, it would be next to impossible to create a movie or news program at LVTV on my own.

Student organizations at this year’s Club Kickoff.

The New Worcester Spy sat down briefly with Andrew-Huy Ngo, president of the Student Government Association at Worcester State, to talk about the epidemic of non-participation and the organization’s efforts to increase student involvement on campus and in the surrounding community.

Andrew grew up in Worcester and graduated from South High School. He is currently a senior majoring in business and economics!

NWS: What is the Student Government Association?

Andrew: The SGA represents the entire undergraduate student body. The SGA is composed of student groups such as Student Senate/Government Associate; Lancer Vision-TV, WSURadio, The Business Club, Dance Company, Pride Alliance, Enactus, Active Minds, Criminal Justice Club, Surreal Game and many more. The Student Senate is a governing body of all the clubs. The Senate supports and allocates money to the different clubs in order to operate. The money allocated provides clubs the opportunity to buy new electronic equipment, office supplies, etc and to host different events with catering. We meet on a regular basis to discuss different issues on campus and provide students a voice.

NWS: What goals has the SGA set for itself this semester, as far as meeting the needs of the student body goes?

Andrew: The past two years [including Spring 2016 in the midst of a school-wide divestment campaign and an upcoming presidential election] our former SGA president encouraged students to get involved politically. Every year the SGA has different missions, but the main goal is getting more students involved on campus and in the community. We are working closely with the dean of students, the alumni office, and Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development to create more opportunities for students to grow and develop as individuals. The SGA is currently seeking students to serve in different governance committees and special meetings. These committees work together and create the different policies and changes for the university. There has been a lack of student voice on these committees. We have a few positions still available for students to serve on. The SGA is also working to collaborate with other schools within Worcester County. We have individuals at Worcester State actively working with the Worcester Student Government Association in turning Worcester into a connected college town.

NWS: Thank you, Andrew!

If you’re a student and would like to get involved on campus or obtain more information, visit the Offices of Student Involvement and Leadership Development on the 2nd floor of the Student Center. Lastly, NWS would like to stress again the importance of participating in extracurricular activities/clubs to further knowledge- leadership, communication and collaboration skills. NWS is always looking for writers! Apply today!

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