Busy Week for Worcester State Facilities Staff

By Nicole Despotopulos

All work and no play does not make the facilities staff dull. Over the past week, the facilities staff along with the help of Res Life, campus police, and Chartwells have been working overtime. They have not only kept the parking lots plowed, but have tried their best to keep Worcester State University residents pleased as well.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday, January 26, 2015, snow began to fall and the day’s remaining classes were cancelled. A twenty-four hour driving ban had been placed statewide and by 6 P.M., a state of emergency had been called. During this time, the facilities staff at WSU was preparing for what could have been a crisis situation.

Renae Lias Claffey, assistant to the President and head of Campus Communications, was thoroughly pleased with the way the facilities handled the storm.

“The fact that the campus facilities were fully operational for our resident students for the storm, to me, is impressive.” said Claffey. As head of Campus Communications, Claffey would have been contacted by the media if any crisis had occurred. She was ready to receive a phone call and felt as if there was a high chance of an infrastructure crisis during the blizzard;

“I was really pleased that there were no crises that could have made our students unsafe and resulted in unwanted media attention.” said Claffey.

Come Tuesday, snow plows were out on campus grounds and they did not stop plowing until Wednesday. The conditions that Blizzard Juno brought were overwhelming, but the facilities staff kept everything under control.

One issue that still needs addressing is the parking situation up at the Goddard Lot near Worcester Regional Airport. This lot provides parking for residential and commuting students.

“I had to shovel out my car by myself, it was not fun.” said Cassidy Dias, a resident of Worcester State University. “They could have done a much better job plowing.” Ms. Dias was not the only student to complain; multiple other students were displeased with how little time they had to move their cars.

There is only so much that the facilities staff can do.

Upon informing Mrs. Claffey of complaints regarding the Goddard lot, she said,

“Plows can’t plow the lot when there are cars in there, and it was made clear that each person would be responsible for getting their individual car out of the spot to make way for plowing.”

We are set to see more snow this coming week and once again, it is expected that the facilities staff will carry out preparations and deal with any obstacles these future storms bring.

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