Brockbuster : Frank

By Brock Bowen

Podcast By Noah Goldfarb

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It all starts here, it all ends here.

The opening scene of Frank starts with Jon spouting gibberish to represent the beginning of each cycle. He is finally able to grasp the concept of and says the word “word.”

It then all comes into focus where the end of the movie meets up with the beginning of the movie. The walk that Jon took to leave the bar ended up with him at the beach. The “endless rolling” that he refers to the cycle of monotony.

In the beginning he tries to find some inspiration. But when he tries to find inspiration from things around him; like the lady in the red coat and the lady in the blue coat, he just goes back to realizing that it is all a closed loop.

On his way home he notices that even though they are all closed loops you can use them to your advantage. By taking these “little boxes” of closed loops, you can use them to distract yourself from the other “little boxes.”

The next time he as at the beach he sees the band’s previous keyboard player named Lucas, trying to drown himself. This is important because what Jon is seeing is his own self trying to get out of the ocean. The cycle always has to end, and at the end all you want to do is not have to go back to the beginning.

So… unbeknownst to Jon that he is on a cycle of being Lucas, Frank, Baraque and Don, he goes to the performance and they make a mess like always. Time passed and they called him up and asked him to go to Ireland to really grind down.

Once the band is in Ireland they inform Jon that he is stuck there until they can find the real core themes. This search for depth within alienates everyone so much that Don tries to drown himself saying, “I don’t want to be. I don’t want to go back inside.”

It then splits to Frank looking out the window the same way Baraque does when Don does finally kill himself. Jon and Frank finally have their first real conversation. They talk about masks and covering things up. Ironically Frank states “I say tell everyone everything. Why cover anything up, right?”

The movie then fast forwards and does montages of the same theme showing people finding their identity. They never record the album because “Frank refuses to record the album until we have perfected each and every detail.”

11 months pass. Jon finds Frank’s mask on the floor and he goes into the room further to see if Frank’s mask is off. When he gets there Frank is taking a shower with his new head. Jon has finally written a song.

Through the portals…
Vetno tapes, take one.
Comet tail
Screeching infrequencies
of pulsing infinities
Awake in the hive
where the sap is collected,
the process perfected
The galactic siren
Down the dimensions
Of curled-up string
inside the point
Get out the path
of the king!
Mr. Laurel
Get out the path of the king!
Mr. Hardy
get out the path
of the king!
They will not be able
to attend tonight’s dinner
the supernova outshone
get out the path
of the king!
Saddle up…
Secure the galactic
Weak and strong
nuclear bonds…
Stab it, stab it, stab it.
Now what’s together
will soon come apart
when it’s all over
Go back to the start…

They all pass out and Jon wakes up to Don hanging himself with Frank’s mask on. Don did not “get out of the path of the king.” The intensity of trying to be Frank drove him to his suicide. They say their goodbyes and send him off on a raft and tell Jon the truth. “First it was Don, then it was Lucas. Now it’s you.”

Jon has the band go to the SXSW concert to try to go mainstream and of course things get out of hand. Frank looses confidence immediately after finding out not everyone in the world knows and loves him.

He regains his confidence while creating his Most Likeable Song Ever. Which is definitely his least likable song ever. Onstage he collapses and realizes that his music is not as good as he thought. Frank is not as talented without Clara, Nana, and Baraque so he goes off to the French Quarter Motel with Jon until Jon tries to tear off the mask.

Frank runs away and Jon tries to find him in America. Jon drives around and visits Clara, Nana, and Baraque who are performing at a small bar. No luck. He sends inquires via Twitter and almost comes up empty.

Someone says to go to Bluff, Kansas, which is where Frank comes from. Jon gets there and finally sees Frank without his head on. He takes him back to the bar where the rest of the band is playing so he can be reunited. Jon then completes his duties and goes on a walk while Frank sings his final song
“I love you all”

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