Chloe's lyrics are accompanied by her piece of art, "30 Weeks"

By Chloe Courtney

I miss bliss
I’ll enter the code to make a deposit
I’m in maximum mode
To maintain my composite

My coating’s concealing
Me from fully feeling
The growth yet to gain

I am a hologram trying to be functional
Who stumbled and fell from that steep hill
Into a deep abyss

I must
Before I flourish
I lust
For green
To rule soil
As Queen

The fruit of my soul is
But it tastes best
When it’s fresh
From the agricultural angel
Who gives through my touch

I bloom like the spring that lives in my name
It’s crucial to constantly  
Grow green beauty inside of me
Much for the land

I cleanse away
All of the dirt
And restart

I feed my soul daily
My hungry baby
With growing pains
She’s about to spurt some more

I am a driven donor to the earth
Who transplants nutrients
I offer fruits of my labor
To reap
Universal flavors
Not only to savor, but keep
I bloom thoroughly

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