Saving Gracie

By Lacey Melanson   I’ve always had animals. I grew up with rabbits. I’d fed baby goats. My grandparents owned a cattle farm. Animals were my best friends. Every night I slept with my Siamese […]


Edythe Biography

  Photo courtesy of the Neufeld Institute wordpress site By: Edythe Stoddard   My name is Edythe (Knight) Stoddard, and I am 54 years old. I was born in Worcester and have eight siblings, two […]


Clowning Around

By: Anthony Molta   Twenty-five years ago, Tim Wilder was at the original Worcester Center Galleria when he saw a woman making balloon animals. He wasn’t awestruck or wide-eyed as the children around her, begging […]


Taxi Man, Five-Five

By: Megan Montgomery    It’s another Friday night in Worcester. Corporates, average Joes, and college kids become nighttime revilers, prowling the street for kicks. While most 9-5 workers have called it a day, Rammy’s has […]



By Danielle Caughey   Seventeen year-old Julia Young walks into her family’s one bedroom apartment overlooking Lake Hiawatha in Blackstone, Massachusetts. Julia stands tall in her jeans and zip-up hooded Misfits sweatshirt. Her dark brown […]

Creative Writing

Father and Son

By Joanna Good   Jeff watched his wife prepare for their son’s arrival. Alicia went all out, cooking, cleaning, and clearing the boxes they stored in Michael’s old room. She wore jeans, a plum colored […]