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Weird Girl

Queer – 1. Strange; odd. 2. (of a person) homosexual.  Weird – very strange; bizarre.  I used to be a girl-scout in elementary school. One time at the start of a new year, we did […]


Queer Useless Uterus 

Freed to Realize my Womanhood  By:  Kat Kraszeski  I don’t desire my own biological children. I respect women’s choice to have their own children if they can, but it doesn’t feel right for me. I […]

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A Night of Culture

By: Greter Barcelo As you enter the May Street Building, you are greeted by a couple of well dressed men, and a beautifully decorated entrance. You then pass the portiere onto the red carpet.  Music […]

No Picture
Creative Writing

Love Poetry

By: Sophia D’Alleva Teacher of Love Teach me how to love with my heart and eyes open. Teach me that opening my heart to someone won’t be a mistake. Teach me that there can be […]



From Adi: Han and I had the pleasure of creating Rain•bow for Professor McGuire’s LGBTQ+ Narratives class. What we hoped to depict in this video goes beyond the classroom. We wanted to show images of […]