Backlog Battle: Week 2

Jacob Nash Week Two–Rhythm and Action Melody of Memory, Rhythm Thief, and Harmoknight The rhythm game genre is a relatively recent genre of video games compared to genres like roleplaying, racing, and sports. A subgenre […]


Backlog Battle Week 1

Week 1 Racing on the Gamecube Mario Kart Double Dash, Kirby Air Ride, and Wave Race Blue Storm Whether playing alone or competing against friends, racing games are usually a hit. They tend to have […]

Arts & Entertainment

Almost Off Book

Jacob Nash Almost Off Book, Worcester State’s campus theater group, has just finished up its winter show. Three one-act plays and two poems were performed on February 24th and 25th, 2023. The creativity and talent […]


Creativity, Diversity, CommUNITY

New Worcester Spy: Special Edition Creativity, Diversity, CommUNITY Cover Design:Anthony Drapos Jacob Nash “Creativity, Diversity, Comm”UNITY””, Title The New Worcester Spy sends a huge Thanks to Our Contributors: Joss Bracero ”Where Will My Milk Ducts […]