Auditions Open for all WSU Students

By Fay Bcharah

Did you know you could audition for the school play even if you’re not a VPA major? On Feb. 7 at 6 p.m., the Visual and Performing Arts department is holding auditions for Boeing, Boeing in the Fuller Theater at Worcester State University, in which any WSU student is welcome to audition.

The play is a farce that takes place in the 1960s with the main character, Bernard, who is happily engaged to three flight attendants. He is able to juggle all three of their schedules, until the airline switches to new, faster jets.

Erick Lidenberger, a 20 year old VPA major at WSU, plans on auditioning.

“I’m excited,” Lidenberger said. “It’s always a fun time auditioning for a show.”

He plans to audition for the role of Robert, who is the comedic foil to Bernard’s character.

Adam Zahler, department chair of the VPA says that the mission of the VPA is to educate students in the arts. He says that a state university should be used as a resource.

“The VPA brings arts and culture to the campus and to the community at large,” Zahler says. “People should be looking at universities to see plays. We should be seen as that resource for the community.”

“We are part of a university, therefore we educate people,” Zahler says. “Our primary responsibility is an educational one.”

WSU students and the academic community are the key audiences for the VPA, which Zahler describes as having three main disciplinaries: Art, Music, and Theatre. Every semester, students hold public events that include concerts, plays, and gallery shows. In the Spring semester, there are two plays, and one or two choral presentations. At the end of each year, an art event takes place.

Zahler says, “The artists of the future are created in colleges and universities for the most part in the modern world.”

As for the image of the VPA, Zahler says it is “slowly changing and changing for the better.”

“Worcester State isn’t seen as a cultural attraction,” said Zahler. “That is slowly changing because I am there and there are some other professors out there raising the profile of the university.”

The show will be held from Apr. 27 to the 30. Audition on Feb. 7, or support your fellow classmates!

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