An Enticing Exposition

By: Bret Laurie


A week ago, I traveled back to the renaissance period, experiencing all that King Richard’s Faire had to offer. This past weekend, I focused on the present, immersing myself in the culture and agriculture of New England.

This year marks the 99th anniversary of New England’s fifth largest fair, The Eastern States Exposition, referred to by most as The Big E. The fair opened last Friday and will remain open until Oct. 4th. There’s plenty of time to check it out!

If you’ve never been to the Big E, it’s honestly worth going just for the food. Six buildings that make up the Avenue of States are chock full of restaurants, bakeries, and local business from each New England state, offering everything from Maine baked potatoes to Vermont maple cream cones. Veering away from the Avenue of States, one can find several buildings and complexes on the fairgrounds, some including agricultural demonstrations and exhibits, others containing an abundance of farm animals and exotic wildlife. Oh, and before you leave, be sure to pick up a Big E cream puff from the New England Center or Food Court!

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