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Artwork by Logan Hampsey

By Nia Guzman

Nia Guzman, Alone, acrylic on canvas, 2021

This piece entitled Alone, is my expression of self-discovery through loneliness, confusion, anger, sadness, glee, and many other feelings in between and represents an ongoing journey. This piece somewhat acts as a sequel to a painting I did my sophomore year at another school that depicts my dorm room with a large black mass laying on the bed representing the emptiness and depression I felt at school. In over a year and a half since that painting I have grown a lot and this painting is my expression of a journey I am only partly through: I am much more content with life now than when I made the first painting, and this painting is evidence of these positive and negative changes in my life. I feel like I am in a limbo, many aspects of my life not fully realized, but my horizons are expanding. Sometimes I feel so far away from everyone and everything it feels like I am in space, looking down at my own life on Earth. Behind me in the painting are the planets Venus and Mars, representing both femininity and masculinity. I have lived my life in a constant battle with my femininity and gender expression as a woman, I am at a place where I feel no allegiance to the binary and am becoming content living in between both.

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