A Visit From Richard Williamson

Tyanna McCaulsky's personal narrative portrays an encounter with an old friend.

Photo Credit: Flickr CC jurek d.

By Tyanna McCaulsky

In a time period that our majesty tilts away from the sun and our homelands suddenly become barren and leafless, I ponder what this new season will bring. Longer nights and shorter days with an air glistening us throughout, we all work like busy bees. I wonder if I’ll ever have time to make a snowman with that bustling schedule of mine.

The contemplation of my mind was interrupted by the vibration of my cell phone. It was my friend, Richard Williamson. I hadn’t seen him in a while, so I was glad for the text message. He wanted us to meet up and have a chat over lunch. Richard is an old friend of mine who has motivated me a lot, whether about me or about life in general. The funniest thing is that we met over the internet four years ago and when we decided to meet in person, there was an ethnic connection. Richard was from Africa, while I was a regular island gal from Jamaica. We had a lot in common, including culture. He had gone off to college in another city, therefore we never meet up as we used to.

So, when I got the text from him that he was back in town, I was so happy. My fat cheeks rose suddenly from their sleep, hiding my starlight eyes and showing off my pearly white teeth. I rushed to my closet like the famous Usain Bolt, a popular Jamaican athlete.

In my mind, What should I wear?  Should I wear my brand new striped red dress shirt with my skinny blue jeans and my favorite tall, brown boots? Damn, Tyanna you are just going for lunch, I thought to myself. Psssh, I don’t care, I’m gonna look good today.

Richard was picking me up in an hour, so I had to be ready. A little dash of makeup and a spray of my Juicy Couture perfume will do it for now. Honk! It was Richard in my driveway. I looked out my window and I didn’t recognize the car. It was the latest Mercedes Benz C300 4Matic and Richard was in it. My eyebrows shifted 66 degrees; I was in awe. I quickly made my way out the door and, to my surprise, he was standing at my doorstep waiting for my hug.

A tall 6 feet and 2 inches, he was a dark chocolate young man with a smile that boosted my confidence.

“How have you been?” he asked.

“I am doing great,” I replied. We headed out to a Chinese restaurant. On our way, we had a little chat to make up for lost time and laughter, of course. We were so immersed in the conversation, I never realized that we had arrived at our destination.

Entering the restaurant, I was greeted by soothing music which I couldn’t identify. There was a Chinese pond filled with colorful fishes dancing around as they saluted each other. A waitress brought us to our table and asked us what we would like to drink, and we both responded. It was a buffet restaurant, so we got up and went to choose the variety of what we wanted. I had three different chicken dishes with some vegetables and rice. I can’t quite remember what Richard had; all I knew was, I was full by my first plate. My stomach couldn’t hold anymore, and I agreed. After Richard finished with his meal, we both got up and left.

On our way back, we got caught up in a bit of traffic. I wasn’t worried about the traffic, but Richard was. I was focusing on the puzzling scene of the city and lights as it created a relaxing sight: a light orange, which represented the sunlight, and blue, which signaled that was still day. There were models of science on both sides of the highway, which made a fascinating presentation. We were kind of on a higher level of the highway, so we were both looking down on all the different types of cars as the lights of the traffic light changed. As we got off the highway, I was just so amazed by the Christmas decorations clothing the city. Red and green ornaments dancing on buildings and Santa Claus making himself cozy on the wall.

We were heading to Richard’s house; he lived on Valeron Street, the street just after escaping the intersection of Grafton and Hammond Streets in downtown Worcester. Richard lived on a hill in an aqua-green, two-storey house. It wasn’t gated or anything, however it was a beautiful house. There was a pool table inside with an L-shaped kitchen with granite countertops along with one of those fancy refrigerators that had a smart pad on it that implements whatever orders it is given.

Richard and I had a drink just like the good old days. A drink of Bacardi along with orange juice to chase it. We sat and chatted some more as I looked at the television and I saw a slim blonde lady.

“I wish I could be that size again,” I whispered. He had asked me to repeat what I had said because he didn’t hear clearly. I repeated the statement a little bit louder.

He looked me in the eyes and said, “Gaining weight sometimes is a good thing, and you still look beautiful. As a matter of fact, you look even more beautiful now.”

Those were the words of my charming friend, Richard Williamson. He always knew the right words to say and when to say them. That was one of the main reasons why we were such good friends. We always had each other’s backs and supported one another in every way we could.

What makes life so inspirational is the relationships we have. Nothing is more breathtaking than a friendship that is genuine and true. We all want to be happy in life, and we all want to make someone else happy. But, a lesson to you, my dear friend; let the beauty of the life you want be emulated from the inside. Beauty is not just an outer appearance—it has to first start from the inside.

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