A Rebuttal

By: Spencer Schwartz


When shows on PBS run short                                   Another told his history

They often fill the time                                               A childhood of abuse

With poets reading poetry                                           Who wants to know of others’ woes

That never have a rhyme                                             Inspiring as a noose


The people in the audience                                         Those stories aren’t poetry

Enjoy it I suppose                                                       Nor timeless as the Tao

But I must be a simpleton                                           I’d rather hear of moon and June

To me it sounds like prose                                          Or Nash’s purple cow


I always thought that sonnets had                              Who says good writing can’t be fun

A structure that was set                                              Designed to make one smile

With stanzas and a metric beat                                   To wallow in self-pity seems

But theirs I just don’t get                                           A quite ignoble style


Attempting to look meaningful                                  I’m sure the intellectuals

Their themes are always sad                                       Will scoff at my ideas

And rather than significant                                         Believing humor childish

I find their pap just bad                                              And rhyme worth only sneers


A woman read a piece about                                      But why write verse that’s so morose

Her brother who was gay                                            Or purposely abstruse

He made a sandwich that she liked                            To make one cry or mystify

Then shortly passed away                                           Is an “ode-ious” excuse.


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