8 Things To Do Over Spring Break That Won’t Break the Bank

By: Kate Tattan


  1. Go on a day trip to Boston.

This may be a cliché idea as a New Englander, specifically a Massachusetts resident, but I don’t think going to the heart of our state ever gets old. It doesn’t have to cost a lot either—which we can all agree on is a plus. You don’t even have to do a lot of driving! Some people prefer to drive all the way into the city, but try taking the train to save some money on gas.

You can go shopping, visit the aquarium, explore hidden restaurants in the North End, visit Faneuil Hall or the Museum of Fine Arts, or, take a walk around one of the villages.


  1. Visit a friend at another college.

Something you don’t necessarily have time to do during the regular days of your busy semester. It sounds pretty low key, but spending some time with an old friend and getting to see a whole other school can be a great experience. Be a tour guide, or vise versa!

I had a friend visit me from another college–we had a ton of fun. She loved eating in our new dining hall. She said the food was completely different from her school and that she felt like she was at a restaurant. Weird—I know.


  1. Do a “staycation.”

Try playing tourist here in Worcester, or in your hometown. It sounds silly since you’re here all the time, but there’s actually a crazy amount of things to do in Worcester. I bet a lot of you haven’t done everything!

Try these places (some of my favorites to spend my time):

-The Worcester Art Museum

-Skating in Elm Park

-Going to any of the many incredible coffee shops (my personal favorites are NU Café and the Bean Counter)

-Spend a night out on Shrewsbury Street ( so many amazing restaurants to pick from)

-The EcoTarium

The list is endless.


  1. Work.

I know this is definitely not the funnest option, but it’s a very rewarding one! I have to admit, for the past 2 years I have worked the entirety of my spring break. Although it may seem like a bummer because you aren’t somewhere tropical, the reality is, we can’t all spend that kind of money. Plus, you’ll have a completely open schedule so the ability to rake in the hours is greater. While everyone around you has just drained their bank account, you’ve been adding to yours for bigger things to come. Keep that in mind.


  1. Voluntourism.

A fast-growing, popular option. Getting expenses covered to go somewhere either in the U.S. or internationally can be much more affordable – and you’re also doing a good service to people in need. The options are endless: maybe help to rebuild houses in New Orleans, or a village in South America. You won’t be relaxing on the beach, but you’ll feel good helping others in need and will still get to experience a whole new part of the world. Plus, it’s a great resume builder.


  1. Work out!

Let’s admit it—we all say we want to, but for a lot of us, it just doesn’t happen. This is a perfect time to get into a routine. I find it extremely hard to establish any sort of workout routine while I’m caught up in the craziness of school-work and regular work. Making a gym routine and settling into one while you aren’t bombarded by a million other responsibilities will be so much easier during break.


  1. Take an art or cooking class.

There’s a bunch of classes offered in the Worcester area, and normally they aren’t too expensive. I know a coworker who is taking a cake-decorating class right now—how cool is that?! Try looking on Groupon. They always have deals featuring these hands-on classes, with good discounts. Step out of your comfort zone! Learn something new with all this free time you’ve got.


  1. De-stress.

Lastly, do homework – Something I’m sure you’d like to avoid over your break, but imagine not having to feel like you’re constantly grasping to get all caught-up. I feel like I’m there all the time, and how good does it sound to be caught up with all of your work? Get it done in the first couple of days, and then you can relax, do all of these fun things, or maybe just sleep. I think we can all agree that a few nights of full sleep (9+ hours) sounds like a pretty good way to utilize your week off.


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