Do You Believe?

By Robert Racicot “Good luck.” Tim, Oxford’s library director, laughed that eternal laugh of his as he locked me in for the night. When Tim laughs, you’re never quite sure if he’s laughing with you […]

Creative Writing

“The Spell”

By Tyanna McCaulsky Photo credit: Josh Catalano Just a kissGave the heart that one wishBlind eyes Devious liesWhat did I miss?Butterflies, my sunshine However, you weren’t actually mineHolding onto a thin lineThe pain, I don’t want to […]

Creative Writing

Talking on Paper

By Richard Mayne A respected member of a Cherokee tribe once referred to written language itself as “talking on paper.” At a campfire one night, not long past the dawn of the nineteenth century, he […]


Chalk It Up! (Photos)

By Brenda Thomas Chalk It Up is an annual event started by alumna Kathryn Salemme, a former presidential student ambassador who sat on the School Spirit Committee. Chalk It Up lets students express their love […]