Creative Writing

The Journey of a Delayed Traveler

In August 2018, during Older Student Registration, students Carol Chester and Gail Johnston, with guidance from Joanne Jaber Gauvin from the Urban Action Institute, initiated the Older Student Writing Project (OSWP). The goal of the […]

Arts & Entertainment

An Inside Look: Carlos Odria

By Sarah Flynn Transcript of the video: Narrator (N)Carlos Odria (C)Ian Simpson (I)Anthony Marzilli (A) N: An adjunct music professor, a guitarist, and a father: these are just a few of the titles that 43-year-old […]

Creative Writing

A Boisterous Woman

By Tyanna McCaulsky A constant chatter of AngerA character I wish not To be of my eagerBack and forth bitter words goAs my peace screams noThe discomfort of my skinWhich makes my head spin Daily […]