Poetry & Fiction


By Jude Casimir   the bridge we swore we’d always tend to, the one bearing everything but us, if we take one step, a single step, well, it’s a forever-fall and we both like the […]

Pairs Well

Pairs Well: Masseduction

On this week’s riveting episode of Pairs Well, starring Noah Goldfarb and Matt Severin: Will Noah ever learn to read album/song names properly? Will Matt be able to convince Noah that grooviness is above all else? Will we learn […]

Poetry & Fiction


By Jude Casimir   Apparently it was a drive-by. Four bullets. Twelve were shot, but four sliced him open. I can hear them. All of them. The loud pops that separate themselves from the air, resounding […]

Poetry & Fiction

To Take a Life for Good

By Robert Racicot The mother’s push opens blossoms. Cigar smoke boasts the next in line. The son, formed from venerable genes, is born to believe a warrior’s code flows red inside these spirited veins.   […]