WSU students protest for climate change.

Worcester State Foundation Pressured to Divest

By Madison Friend, Brendan Pauley The Board of Directors of the UMass Foundation voted unanimously last week to divest all direct holdings in fossil fuel companies in response to pressure from the UMass Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign, making UMass one of the first public colleges to do so. “This [divestment] is consistent with the principles that have guided our university since […]

Business Club Busting Down Doors

Business Club Busting Down Doors

By Brock Bowen Some students on campus want to go to their class, finish their homework, get involved a bit and be satisfied with what they have completed by the end of graduation. Other students make it their passion to dedicate themselves to bettering both their campus and their community. By building relationships and clubs with limited resources, Alfred Sogja, […]

Popcorn & Spoilers: Full Metal Jacket

Popcorn & Spoilers: Full Metal Jacket

Just two episodes left, so come listen in to our talk about Full Metal Jacket, and next week, in the season finale, Noah and Brock are discussing The Shawshank Redemption.   Related Articles: Popcorn & Spoilers: Django Unchained  

Art by Patrick Driscoll

“My Country” by Fay Bcharah

By Fay Bcharah My country is in ruins My country is in shambles My country knows no light My country shows no grace My country tries to sacrifice My country tries to rebel My country has turned to ashes My country has turned to stone. My country fears the future My country fears itself My country is a shameless show […]

Top row from left – Ashok Rana on lead guitar from Rochester, New York. Bharat Gurung on bass guitar from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Madan Rana on Rhythm guitar from Fargo North Dakota, and Rohan Rana the singer from Oakland, California.
Middle row from left – Susan Rai on drum from Oak land California, Ricky Gurung on drum from Manchester, New Hampshire, Ganesh Gurung on lead guitar from Worcester Massachusetts and Deepak gurung singer from Worcester Massachusetts.

“Bhutanese Flamingo”: Finding Hope in Music

By Ganesh Gurung After exile from Bhutan, hardships facing Bhutanese refugees were far from over. Many ended up having to stay in a small camp in Nepal, living a life of scarcity and limited resources. As refugees, we had to live a life not so bright — lacking all means of electricity, television, and internet access, living under a single […]

Ganesh Gurung walks onto the WSU campus.

A Bhutanese Refugee’s Resettlement Diary: Part 2

By Ganesh Gurung One of my dreams in this new land was to get international degrees so that I could have better jobs and make the rest of my life easier. To achieve this goal, I went to college and gathered a lot of information. Accordingly, I completed the equivalency of my Bachelor’s degree, which I had received in Nepal […]

Marquita Dulan discusses 'The Checker Players'.

“It Brought Me Back to My Childhood”

An Interview with Human Resources Generalist Marquita Dulan What do you think of when you hear the words ‘art’ and ‘Worcester’ in the same sentence? The Worcester Art Museum (WAM) has been an iconic part of the growing Worcester art scene since its opening in 1898. Its dedicated staff wants the community to recognize and share in all that the […]