Bell's Lawn and Garden of Auburn installing the new pathway Monday morning.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade, or (at WSU) a New Pathway

By Jennifer Johnson & Madison Friend Late Tuesday afternoon and early Wednesday, commuter students approaching the Sullivan Academic Center from Chandler Street were surprised to find their endearing cut-through dirt path gone, replaced by a concrete walkway. The footpath was the product of years of students hurrying to class and had become a notable fixture on WSU’s campus. Senior Yekason […]

‘Parking Predators’ Create Traffic on Campus

‘Parking Predators’ Create Traffic on Campus

By Jennifer Johnson Parking troubles are on the rise as the new school year begins, and, in the eyes of WSU commuters, desperate times call for desperate measures. Though not a new problem, the age-old tactics of parking lot predators have reappeared, meaning you’re more than likely to find some crafty students idling in parking lots as they wait for […]

Art by Patrick Driscoll

a collection of thoughts on barely getting by

By Erica Gilman a collection of thoughts on barely getting by: 1. i may be wearing the same shirt I’ve been wearing for four days straight but that doesn’t mean i am dirty it means i’m going through some shit the washer wouldn’t understand. 2. picture this- i throw myself off a cliff and you just stare and scream and […]

Materials at a Socialist Alternative event.

Socialist Alternative Decries ‘Crisis of Capitalism’

By Nicholas Clark On Monday, Sept. 19, members of Socialist Alternative hosted an open forum to discuss concerns and controversies about issues plaguing the international community, the United States, and our very own Worcester State community. Socialist Alternative welcomed Theo Winston – the national chair of Socialist Students in the United Kingdom, an active member of Socialist Party UK, and […]

New England Roast Beef, Park Ave, Worcester

Not Your Regular Roast Beef

By Ben George If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat before work or school, you might want to consider New England Roast Beef, a small family-owned restaurant. As soon as you walk into this quaint shop you feel like you belong to the family. A Park Ave. staple for over fifteen years, this Worcester phenomenon seems only to […]

Rainbows After Rain

Rainbows After Rain

By Erica Gilman The morning of Sept. 10 was warm and the streets were full of color as the Worcester Pride Parade wound its way from Institute Park all the way to the Worcester Commons. My roller derby league was a part of the parade, and we were to skate behind the WPI Pride Alliance group. At one point, the […]

Protesters gather on the corner of Chandler and May St in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Social Media Key to #NoDAPL Action

By Madison Friend, Erica Gilman Additional Reporting by Jennifer Johnson Members of the Clark and WSU communities, waving signs that read “#NoDAPL” and “water is life,” joined activists across the country on Tuesday when they gathered on WSU’s campus to protest the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Ashley Seymour, a senior at WSU, head of WSUDivest, and the organizer […]