When You’re an English Major This Is Your Life.

When You’re an English Major This Is Your Life.

1. People’s reaction after learning your major in college is English: “Oh so you want to be a teacher!” English majors are not cultivated for teaching only: just ask Mr. Feeny. 2. The oh-so-original hilarious joke you get when you tell people you’re an English major: “Isn’t that the language we speak?” 3. “Oh, so you just read books for […]

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Restrictive zero-tolerance policies teach students not to take risks when others are in dire need of help. Photo credit:

No Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

by Brendan Egan On February 6th, 18-year-old Jonathan Colon, an openly gay student from Lehigh Acres, Fl., found himself on the receiving end of an assault from another student, James Griffin. As the rest of the crowded lunchroom cheered at the confrontation, egging Griffin on, fellow classmate Mark Betterson took it upon himself to step in and prevent Griffin from […]

The books pictured are great resource for everything
screenplays. They are a staple in many screenwriters'
libraries. April 2014. Credit Kathryn Perreault.

Pre-Production Part I: Breaking down the scene’s dialogue

by Kathryn Perreault “Dialogue is, first and foremost, a function of character. It develops gradually.” -Christopher Keane There is a lot of work that takes place in between the completion of a script and the actual shooting of a movie. During pre-production, multiple people have a hand in deciding how the movie will be shot, what is needed, and what […]

Flappy Bird's notorious
difficulty frustrated a majority of its players.

Modern Gaming Clips Flappy Bird’s Wings

by Abtin Pazooki A game developer and a college student walk into a bar. They both throw their phones out the window in frustration. The developer makes $50,000. Sound like a joke? “Flappy Bird” designer Dong Nguyen isn’t laughing. Faced with relentless harassment, death threats, and media attention, he pulled his lucrative smartphone game from the Apple App Store and […]

Zack Skerry during a game at Coughlin Field during the 2013
season. Courtesy of Steve Miller.

Michael Sam in the NFL

By Michael Shattuck The NFL was considered the final frontier for gay athletes. Its conservative atmosphere was considered a toxic environment for openly gay players. On February 9, Michael Sam, a defensive end from Missouri and projected mid-round draft pick, had come out of the closet. He was the first active football player to be openly gay. When the news […]